Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Home Equity Loans: 3 Valuable Benefits

Stanley Simmons

Loans are valuable financial products that allow people to borrow a lump sum of money. The money can be repaid over a period of time.

Many types of loans exist, but a home equity loan is often the best choice for homeowners looking to borrow money.

Learn more about the benefits of a home equity loan so that you will be better prepared to determine if this type of loan will meet your financial needs.

1. Fixed Interest Rate 

The interest rate associated with some loans can fluctuate based on changes in the financial market.

Fluctuating interest rates can make it challenging to budget for your loan payment. The change in interest rate can also result in you paying more in interest over the life of the loan. A home equity loan offers you the security of a fixed interest rate.

Your rate is locked in as soon as you sign for your home equity loan. No matter how the market changes over time, you can rest assured knowing that your interest rate will remain the same.

2. Long Repayment Timeline

The repayment schedule on a loan can have a direct impact on your monthly payment amount. Few loans are able to offer as long a repayment timeline as a home equity loan.

Many financial institutions allow repayment timelines that mirror the length of the mortgages they offer to their borrowers.

Having a long time to pay off your home equity loan can help you avoid putting a strain on your budget by keeping your monthly payments as low as possible.

3. Potential Tax Benefits

One of the powerful benefits that a home equity loan can offer is the potential to claim some tax benefits. If you need to take out a home equity loan to pay for improvements to your house, the interest you pay on the loan could be tax-deductible.

The improvements that you make using funds from your loan must be substantial and add to the overall value of your home in order for your home equity loan to qualify for tax benefits.

Your loan agent and an experienced CPA will be able to help you determine how to maximize the tax benefits of your home equity loan.

If you need a lump sum of money and you own your home, a home equity loan could be the most beneficial type of loan to help you meet your financial needs.

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