Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

How Does PO Financing Work And Why Should You Use It?

Stanley Simmons

One of the top factors affecting a business's profitability is cash flow. Cash flow is the money coming and going, and a business suffers when the money coming in is less than the money going out. When you spend more money than you receive, your business suffers a cash crunch, leaving you without the funds needed for basic expenses. However, PO financing can help with this problem.

The basics of PO financing

PO stands for purchase offer, so PO financing involves financing your purchase offers. A purchase offer is an invoice you owe money on for goods you receive. For example, if you purchase $5,000 of inventory from a company, they'll send you a bill for $5,000. If you need this inventory to fulfill a customer order, you will lose money if you couldn't afford to pay for this inventory. But there is another option.  

You could purchase the inventory to fulfill the order and hire a PO financing company to pay the bill for you. Yes, you can do this to help improve your cash flow. You will have to pay the PO financing company for the debt, but you will have a longer timeframe to pay it.

Why businesses use PO financing

You might see the benefits of PO financing by reviewing that example. If you couldn't afford to pay the bill on time, you might not purchase the inventory. However, failing to buy the inventory causes you to lose the sale, and that customer might start shopping elsewhere for their goods. Therefore, PO financing helps you in several ways.

First, it provides a way to fulfill orders that you can't afford right now. Secondly, it secures your customers. Finally, it frees up cash flow. By the time your customer pays the invoice they owe your company, your bill might be due from the PO financing company.

Signs it might benefit your company

One of the top signs that you need PO financing is when you start turning down orders from your customers due to cash flow issues. If you experience this issue, you might want to consider turning to a PO financing company.

How to find the right PO financing company to use

You can find many companies that offer purchase offer financing. As you choose one, you might want to compare the fee structures and timeframes for repaying the debts. You can call a PO financing company to learn more about their services. 


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