Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Important Terms To Know When Using A Bail Bond Agent For Services

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If you ever encounter a situation where you need to hire a bail bond agent (also known as a bail bondsman) it would be helpful to understand the standard terms used with bail bond services. Bail bond services help people get out of jail after arrests, and these services are essential for many people. Here are some of the common terms used with bail bonds that you should understand before utilizing a bail bond agent's services.

Bail vs. Bond

The first two terms to understand are bail and bond. While these terms are similar in some ways, but bail and bond are not the same things. However, people use both to get out of jail.

Bail is the term that refers to the money a person needs to get out of jail with cash. If the court sets your bail at $5,000, you will need $5,000 to get out of jail by paying your bail.

Bond is something that a bail bond agent provides. Bond is the payment by the bail bond agent for your bail, and it is money you owe the agent if you violate your bail. If you cannot pay the $5,000 cash bond, you could buy a bond through a bail bond agent to get out of jail.

The Bond Premium

Another term you should understand is bond premium. The bond premium is the fee you pay the agent to get out of jail. The agent you hire requires payment of this fee in advance. Once you pay it and agree to the terms of the deal, the agent provides the bond the jail requires. After the jail receives this, they will release you. The bond premium usually equals 10% to 15% of the bail price.


Collateral is not always necessary with a bail bond agent, but it is something you can use if you do not have the cash needed to pay the bond premium. If you want to get out of jail but have no money, you could give the bail bond agent a valuable asset. The agent will hold this asset until your case settles, and you will get the item back then.

The Indemnitor

One last term to know is indemnitor. The indemnitor is the person who signs the agreement with a bail bond agent for your release. You are the indemnitor if you sign the contract. If a relative or friend signs it, they are the indemnitor. The indemnitor holds the responsibility of ensuring that the defendant follows all the bail conditions.

Understanding these terms may make it easier for you to get out of jail through a bail bond agent's services.


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