Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

How It Works To Get Out Of Jail On Bail When You Don't Have The Cash

Stanley Simmons

If you are arrested and need to appear in court, chances are that you will be held in jail until the hearing unless you can pay for bail. Here is how the process works if you do not have the cash to pay it on your own.

The Arrest

Everything starts with the actual arrest for whatever the crime is that you are accused of. You will be taken into custody by the police, and then brought to jail.

The Booking

You will then go through the booking process, which is where you will have fingerprints taken, be photographed for a mug shot, and have a bail amount set for your early release from jail. Bail will not be set as an unreasonable amount since there is a schedule based on the type of crime you are being accused of. 

The Phone Call

You will be given an opportunity to make a phone call. Ideally, you want to call a family member or friend who can then get in touch with a bail bondsman and an attorney for you. If you do not have a friend or family member that you can contact, a local attorney can make the call to a bondsman for you.

The Bondsman

The bondsman will need some information about you before proceeding with a bail bond. In addition to basic information such as your name and birthday, they'll also need to know which jail you are being held in and your booking number. The bondsman will verify the bail amount and present you with your options. You can either stay in jail, pay the full bail amount in cash, or pay a premium to use the bondsman's services.

The Bail Bond

You can expect to pay a percentage of the bail amount is your nonreturnable premium. Consider this the interest that you are paying on a short term loan. You can pay that premium in cash, charge it to a credit card, or even set up a payment plan. In some situations, a bondsman will require that collateral is given to ensure that you will return to court for your hearing. 

The Early Release

With the bail paid, you will be released from jail early. Make sure that you follow all terms of your early release, or you could end up back in jail to await your day in court. For example, you may have limitations on leaving the state or restrictions on driving if you were arrested for a DUI.

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