Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Has Someone You Love Been Jailed After An Arrest? 4 Things You Need To Know Or Do

Stanley Simmons

Late-night calls are seldom good news, and when the call is from the local jail or booking facility, the news is likely to even more upsetting. If you have just gotten this type of call and have been notified that your spouse, partner, child, parent, sibling, or someone else close to you is being held after an arrest, the following information will help you know how you can best help them. 

Gathering the pertinent information 

Before you can make any arrangements to help your loved one be released from the local jail, you will first need to acquire some basic information. In addition to the location where your loved one is currently being held, you will also need to obtain the booking number they were assigned when processed, the charge on which they were arrested, and the bail amount, if available. This information will be needed if attorney representation or the services of a bail bond agent are needed, as well as helping give you more information about their arrest. 

Understanding the possible ways in which your loved one can be released

Getting your loved one released from jail is typically the primary focus for those who have received this type of late-night call and there are a few ways in which that can happen. These include: 

  • Posting the full cash bond amount for the offense that your loved one has been charged with
  • Seeking the court's permission to use your home or other real property in place of a cash bond
  • Asking the court to release your loved one on their own recognizance, in lieu of a cash or property bond
  • Using a court-approved bail bond agent

It is important to note that some charges, especially very serious ones, may require the court's approval to set a cash bond, When this happens, your loved one may have to remain in custody until they are arraigned and a judge sets a bond amount. 

Hiring an attorney will help with navigating complicated legal situations

If you cannot immediately find a way to secure a release on bond for your loved one, it is critically important to make sure that they have access to legal representation. An attorney who is familiar with the court system can often expedite the process and help your loved one obtain a bond amount and be released more quickly than you might be able to arrange. The attorney will also be able to look into the details of the arrest and advise your loved on how to mount the best legal defense for their situation. 

Understanding why seeking immediate release is often best

In addition to your loved one's comfort, there are other important reasons why it is important to help them get out of jail as quickly as possible. One of the most important of these is when your loved one provides care or support for children or other dependents. Single parents are especially in peril when being held in jail to await arraignment because it could lead to their children being placed into foster care if there are no suitable relatives available to take them temporarily. 

Additional reasons to seek immediate release on bond include: 

  • Preventing gaps in income or the potential of job loss due to missing work
  • Minimizing publicity that could affect career advancement or opportunities
  • Making it easier to work with their attorney to mount the best possible defense

To begin working toward an immediate release on bond for your jailed loved one, contact a reputable bail bond company such as ABC Bail Bonds. If bond has been set, working with a bail bond company will enable you to post bond and have your loved one released within hours of the arrest. If bond has not yet been set, the bail bond agent can help you determine what options are available to you to work toward expediting the bond-setting process. 


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