Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Important Bail Bonding Answers You Should Know

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When a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, bail may be the only option for allowing them to leave the jail until their trial is finished. However, it is extremely difficult for defendants to effectively make choices about bail and bail bonding if they are lacking a basic understanding of these services.

Is It Always Best To Post Bail With Your Own Money?

While there are some individuals that may have the ability to pay their bail with cash, this is often not the ideal option. The money that you pay may be tied up until the conclusion of the trial. This can lead to you be unable to utilize these assets, which can be a major limiting factor as you pay for your defense. A bail bond will allow individuals to be able to post their bail without needing to tie up their assets for months or longer.

Can A Bail Bond End Before The Trial Has Concluded?

In most instances, the bail bond will be valid until the trial has concluded. However, there are instances where the bond can be revoked by the bond issuer. One such example can be violating the terms of the bond by deceiving the bond issuer about the collateral, failing to check in with the bond issuer at regular intervals or violating the judge's bail order. If the bail bond is revoked before the end of the trial, the defendant may be required to report to jail immediately.

Will A Defendant Have To Apply For A Bail Bond In Person?

When a person has been arrested, it can seem as though getting the help and representation that they need will be impossible as they will be unable to leave the jail. For those that are arrested far from home or that lack family and friends to post bail, it can seem as though there is no way out until the trial is over. However, bail bonding services are used to working with individuals that are facing this type of situation. Generally, the preliminary bail bond can be issued over the phone and the defendant will be required to pay the bonding fee, sign the bond contract and complete the other steps for finalizing the bond as soon as they are released. In many instances, the bail bondsman will have a representative meet the defendant when they are released so that this can be quickly completed.


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