Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Family Member In Jail? Why Bail Them Out From Jail

Stanley Simmons

Have you recently been contacted by a family member about them being in jail? If so, they may have asked for you to help bail them out so that they can have some freedom before their court date. If you're on the fence about getting a bail bond to help them out, here are some reasons you should do it.

They Have A Job

The complications of being in jail extend beyond dealing with the charges and appearing in court. If the family member has a job, being in jail could result in them losing their job due to not being able to make it to work. Not only will they have to pay the legal fees associated with their upcoming court case, but they'll be losing money by not being able to do their job.

Bailing a family member out from jail can make a huge difference in preventing future financial hardships and setting them up on the road to recovery from their arrest. Even if they are proven innocent at their court date, time in jail can have lasting consequences.

They Have Children

Another thing you should think about is if the family member has children. Having one parent in jail for an extended period of time not only makes things difficult for the family, but it can create a situation that is difficult to explain to the children. They will eventually want to know why their mom or dad is not around, and having to explain that they are in jail can be really tough. It can even change the way that a child views their parent, even if the parent is proven innocent. If you know the family and the children, you may want to help with paying for bail to prevent this situation from happening.

They Are A Responsible Person

One thing you must understand about bailing someone out from jail is that you are putting a lot of faith in that person to follow all the rules of their bail. In addition, they'll have to return back to court for their hearing. If the family member is the kind of person that is likely to get in trouble again by not following court orders, you'll lose the bail money. If you worked with a bondsman, you will have to forfeit the collateral that you provided in order to get the bail bond. This is a situation you would rather not get yourself into, so you must consider the person's character before helping them out with bail.

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