Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Bail Bond Agents And Their Role In The Bond Process

Stanley Simmons

Most people have seen shows or movies about a bail bond agent chasing down a fugitive that has refused to return to court. And while that is one job of the bail agent, it is not the only thing they do. Understanding the role of the bond agent can help clear up the mystery.

Setting Bail

If you are accused of a crime and arrested, you will have to appear before the judge to be arranged. The judge will hear the evidence against you, your side of the story, then decide what the bail will be. If you cannot afford the cost set, you may find calling a bail bond agent is one of the best options you have, They will come and talk to you, and if they believe you are not a flight risk, the bond agent will put op the cost of the bail on your behalf.

Following The Rules

Once you have been bonded out of jail, there are some rules that you will have to follow to stay out. The bond company will present you with the information you need and set the terms of your bail with you. If you break even one of their rules, you can expect to see the bondsman again, only this time he will be looking for you to return you to jail. Whether you are working with a single bondsman or a large company, they will not risk their money if you cannot follow the rules, and the law says that can revoke your bail and return you to jail at any time they want to.

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

If you try and run when you get released, the bondsman will be on your trail as soon as they know you took off. If you miss a check in or they get a tip, you can expect them to come knocking on the door. Most of the time, the bondsman who has been in the industry for a while has informants, and people will share information with them. 

They will use these resources to find your hiding spot, and when they do, they will revoke your bail and not help you any further. The idea that you can give them the slip and disappear into the world around you is a novel one. In most cases, people don't understand how not to be seen and eventually the bondsman will find you. Work with them, and they will work with you. Run and hide and they will respond accordingly. 


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